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Get A Smile Makeover With Teeth Whitening at My Dentist @ Highton

Our dentist-guided whitening treatment will brighten your smile two shades or more.

If your teeth have lost their natural luster and appear discolored, stained or yellowed, then whitening should be an avenue to consider. At My Dentist @ Highton, we offer two methods to choose from; though it’s best to consult your dentist first to ensure all of your cavities are filled and your gums are healthy candidates for whitening product use.

In-Chair Bleaching – In-Chair Bleaching is a fast and effective way to whiten teeth. It’s also great for sensitive teeth as the procedure is closely monitored by a dentist. It involves applying a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel onto teeth exterior. A UV light is often used in conjunction with the gel to accelerate and amplify the tooth whitening process for enhanced results.

Take Home Kit – after the in-chair bleaching, from time to time, as and when the patient needs to brighten up for a function, a take home kit will come in handy for a top up.

At My Dentist @ Highton, we have a range of whitening procedure to suit your needs, from in-chair whitening to take home kit, meaning we can now provide Teeth Whitening in just one procedure at our practice or a customized tray that allows you to do it at home. So book today for a free consult about your options!



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