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Fissure Sealants

Help Children Prevent Teeth Decay

Fissure sealants are made from a specialised resin which covers deep grooves of mainly back teeth; this will help prevent food from getting into these grooves which are often hard to clean.

Applying fissure sealants on the grooves of back teeth is a safe, painless, and quick way to prevent tooth decay. As it is usually clear or white in colour, it is unnoticeable. 

Once applied, fissure sealants can last for many years and they make brushing easier, as the tooth surface becomes smoother. 

At each appointment with your child, we check the fissure sealants and seal again if they are worn. 

Fissure sealants work as a preventative measure for tooth decay but does not replace the need to brush and floss every day.

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